Friday, 31 October 2014

Inktober 2014 - part 5

Day 25 - cartridge pen. This is the same pen I use for ink and water, but without the water there's no way to correct my horrible perspective.

Day 26 - fineliner, grey pens and ink painter. This is the same Derwent fineliner and one of their new ink paint pens that I was given at LICAF. Nettle and Spider are not really the same height, but they look more dramatic this way.

Day 27 - g-pen. Since I drew Chiihon, here's her friend the Devil Boy, who is a pre-Disaster vrega. Their planet was not a nice place to live back then. (It's not now either, but at least it doesn't make your teeth fall out any more.)

27.5 - ink and water. My manager wanted me to draw a lightbulb in ink, so I did.

Day 28 - g-pen. I think I made Nettle too short this time. She probably wants the hug but doesn't really know how to express that, so she'll just stand there awkwardly until it stops.

Day 29 - brush pen. Meruch likes to carry Violet because otherwise all he can see is the top of her head.

Day 30 - mapping pen. Ely's toenails are just as long and gross as her fingernails.

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