Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Pocket Witch Vox

Do you remember the Pocket Witches? Introducing Pocket Witch Vox!

Before she took shape Vox encountered a little girl who loved to sing, she had no ear for music at all and was horribly out of tune, but she was too little to know it and loved to listen to the radio and belt out songs at the top of her voice, pretending to be a pop star. It made her so happy that Vox was able to take form from her happiness, and took the shape of a song!

Unlike the little girl, Vox is an excellent singer who can mimic any voice and change her outfit to match the song she sings. She likes to hang around humans who love music and sing along to whatever they’re playing, she doesn’t care if you’re any good, only that it makes you happy. Karaoke bars are her favourite place in the world.

Monday, 23 July 2018

Address Labels

I’ve been getting a little bored of the stamps I use when I package Etsy orders, so I’ve made myself some address labels! The larger ones are for the customer’s address and the little ones are for the return address. (I did have to edit the top one slightly from how it appears here to give myself more space though.)

I was tempted to make more, but I’ll stick with these two for the time being. I have a bad habit of being over-enthusiastic when I make things and ending up with too many to use!

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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Some Vrega

I'm fairly often guilty of developing characters with important colour schemes and then only drawing them in black and white, so here are some colour pictures of the vrega. There are many minor differences between them and humans, but the only obvious one is their slightly corpse-like purple skin, which you can never see because I never draw them in colour.

Khet and Vekh are showing off minor mutations that are considered to be a blessing from the god of nature, Violet wants to know if those spikes are sharp, and Visuk at the bottom just is not, and never has been, a morning person.