Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Goth Anthology - After School

Have a 2-page preview of one of my Goth Anthology comics! After School, a chilling tale of seances and tea parties.

I finally got on top of these comics again, having lost last week to a cold, so hopefully I’ll be able to show you more soon. I cannot explain in words how much better I feel now that Autumn has abruptly begun here in England. I feel so much more… at home.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Goth Anthology - bonus design

While I frantically attempt to get all these goth comics done in… let’s see… 19 days, have a bonus character design! This is the support character for the magical goths. She changes her bow to match their outfits, in deference to their darker fashion sense.

Goth Anthology - Magical Goths

Character designs for my third comic in the Goth Anthology! This one took me forever to get right, I almost gave up and scripted a new one, but it’s thumbnailed now and I can’t wait to show everyone when it’s done!
It’s about goths, who are also magical girls. Their gothic magical girl outfits aren’t final yet, but I added them in for comparison with the monstrosities that are their default outfits.

Magical goths. I’ve never been so excited to draw something!