Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Dr Dee

All those Blur drawings reminded me that Sammy and I also went to see Dr Dee when it was on in London. For those who don’t know (and what poor souls you are) it’s an opera about the Elizabethan mathematician/astronomer/mystic John Dee, by Damon Albarn.
The music was lovely, obviously, but we were also really impressed by the costume and set design, so I did a few sketches in the interval.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Blur at Wolverhampton Civic Hall

Sorry, by that I mean that just over a week ago Sammy and I went to see Blur at Wolverhampton and it was the best thing ever.
The first set includes the… warm-up act? The Bots, anyway. It was a hard-core drawing warm-up, the singer never stood still!
Then I drew a million pictures of Blur. I really liked the sketches, so rather than tidying them up on the page like I normally would I traced or copied them onto different pages. The penultimate picture is the traced sketches, the last one is copied freehand.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Autumn 2012 Postcards

These are five of the ten new postcards I made to take to Thought Bubble. I'm really pleased with them, I think they show improvement from the last batch, which is always encouraging. Part of it might be that I really tired to limit my colour palette for all the new postcards.

They're all my own characters this time. There's Meilee and Lin, who have fallen asleep in the rain because they can't find any shelter, Shasta contemplating a remnant of the Old World, Jessie looking out over the castle town in her Patchworker uniform (it's a sort of messenger and general dogsbody, if you're curious), Louise being led into the woods by some fairies (they're still after that key), and the Crowboy giving Lottie a little gift.