Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Dream Monster 13

People she touches crumble into dust. Stay perfectly still and she may pass you by, not believing you to be a threat.

Another dream monster! I’m starting to think that if I collect these into a book I’ll add some more illustrations showing how they behaved. There was a point in this dream when she was only millimetres away from somebody’s face, and they just had to stand completely still and wait to see if she killed them or not. It was very tense.

Dream Monsters

If you breathed in the gas you turned into one. They were all people once.
More dream monsters! This collection is starting to reach a decent size, I think these are numbers 11 and 12. I dreamed these quite a while ago, but only recently had time to paint them.
I sent one to my friend Sammy and she didn’t appreciate it.
Sammy: :S why are you drawing body horror during a pandemic?
Sarah: because I had the day off work I guess

Monday, 6 April 2020

Self Portrait

We’re all working from home at the moment and there are a lot of Skype meetings, but I’m working from my bedroom so I’m not really comfortable having the camera on. (I just don’t want everyone being able to see into my room.) I thought I’d update my old skull avatar so my colleagues would have something to look at.

I couldn’t use it in the end because there was no way to set it to JUST Skype and not my email avatar too, but I used it on some social media instead. Should I use it here too and redesign the blog a bit?