Monday, 20 February 2017


I promise these are the last ones! One of my favourite things about the design of the Diamonds is how huge they are, so I included their Pearls for scale (a Pearl is the size of a normal human). With these I think I got the desire to draw lovingly rendered portraits of alien autocrats out of my system, so if you're not a fan it's okay, it's over now!

Miniature Diamonds!

Here are some more of the Diamonds I warned you about! I'm usually a bit lukewarm on Steven Universe, but I find the Diamonds really interesting because of the single-minded fear and/or devotion they inspire in the other gems. The newest episodes gave them a lot of screen time so I started all these portraits in a fit of enthusiasm. (Including two of Blue Diamond because her character design changes so drastically depending on whether her hood is up or down.)

Thinking of single-minded devotion, I love Yellow Diamond's Pearl. There is just nothing she would rather do than serve Yellow Diamond, she's so proud to be her Pearl. I love her smug expression.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Mixed Media!

I don't often do any mixed media, so these were a fun experiment, prompted by a realisation that doing a space background in coloured pencil would take more time than I was willing to invest in Steven Universe fanart. They're not very mixed, since they're only watercolour paint and watercolour pencil, but I'm pleased with them in any case.

I have several more pictures of Blue and Yellow Diamond half-finished, just so you're forewarned.

New Years Resolution

Here's something silly I drew around the 5th of January this year! I was rather put off the UK small press a couple of years ago and hadn't really drawn a comic since, so when I suddenly felt like drawing one I dropped everything and bashed it out in a few hours. It's about one-sided competitiveness.

Some of those few hours were spent working out how to draw Markiplier, so I inked the best practice faces as well. I hope you will all continue to respect me as a serious adult now that I've revealed that I watch Let's Plays.