Friday, 31 October 2014

Inktober 2014 - part 4

I got ill in the week before London MCM, so between that and con prep I fell very behind on these. I think the next one that was drawn on the right day is 29.

Day 19 - g-pen. I inked this on a moving train. Visuk thought being carried by Meruch would be fun, but it turns out it's mostly embarrassing. Also Visuk has at least two scars that I forgot to draw.

Day 20 - ink and water. I realised I'd never drawn Lottie in ink and water, so here she is.

Day 21 - mapping pen. I wasn't totally happy with the way I drew Trispin's standard glamour, so here's another try.

Day 22 - ink and water. Adventures in late-night character design. This is the doctor on Meruch and Visuk's ship. He's also a priest, which is common. He wears the ponytail and that vial for religious reasons, and is a lot older than he looks to humans. (He looks his age to other Vrega, since they know what they're looking for.)

Day 23 - g-pen. This is where I fell behind, I sketched this on the 24th, but didn't ink it until the 27th. This is Chiihon, who appears to be a mammal but is really a carnivorous plant. Her people eat their planet's native hominids.

Day 24 - ink and water. I tried drawing the Crowboy this way too.

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