Thursday, 21 November 2013

Inktober - Part 3

Inktober, concluded!

Day 21 (mapping pen and gel pen) - I'm pretty pleased with this one, considering I wasn't at all sure where I was going with it even when I got to the hatching. Lottie sees the Crow Boy in dark places.

Day 22 (mapping pen) - This one was going to be a cross-hatched picture of Nettle and Spider reading, but I decided after the first inking that I might want to colour it, so it remains unfinished for now.

Day 23+24 (brush pen and gel pen) - I was very busy with the Halloween music zine at this point, so I cheated a bit and bashed out the mirror twins on two separate days.

Day 25 (ink and water) - For the next three I was at London MCM, and it seems drawing while tired still doesn't do me any favours. Prepare for wonky anatomy on more characters than just Coriander.

Day 26 (cartridge pen) - Oh dear, here it is. I wanted to show the ritual modifications Vrega get as part of their coming-of-age ritual. Technically the spikes can be placed anywhere, as long as they're worked into the bone, but traditionally women get them put in their forearms (where they can be used as defensive weapons) and men get them put in their spine (where they just stop you sleeping on your back). This is also why Meruch carries Violet on his hip instead of giving her a piggyback.

Day 27 (fineliners and grey brush pens) - I was trying to explain Ereth lines to Sammy in the hotel room, so I drew them for Sunday's picture to illustrate what I was talking about. (They're a sort of minor erogenous zone Vrega have which appear when they're touched in the right way, and they're supposed to indicate fertility.) I think Meruch looks a little too young here. He's embarrassed because his Ereth lines are unusually dark and extensive, and he doesn't like people looking at them.

Day 28 (ink and water) - I was listening to Siren Song by Bat For Lashes (from our Halloween playlist)  and this happened.

Day 29 (mapping pen and ink wash) - One final try at ink wash! Lena will prophesy for you if you ask nicely.

Day 30 (gel pen) - "You had to walk past slowly and calmly, as if you couldn't see it." Louise in her creepy house again. Yet another picture started way to late at night. If I were drawing this normally I'd block out at least 5 hours for this amount of hatching! I think I managed this in 2.

Day 31 (brush inking) - And finally, Tabitha to wish you a happy Halloween. I'm very pleased with the brush inking in this one, it feels like a nice image to end on.

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