Thursday, 21 November 2013

Inktober - Part 2

Inktober, continued!

Day 11 (brush inking and ink wash) - As a general rule, if I've drawn Poppet I was very tired. She's extremely easy to do. I tried to make up for it by practicing my brush inking though.

Day 12 (mapping pen) - This one turned out a little odd, as I've never drawn Spider without shading before. He puts people to sleep at inopportune moments sometimes.

Day 13 (brush pen) - I was exhausted after the University of Gloucestershire Small Press Fair (especially as I was cold and wet the whole day) so I bashed out some friends of Poppet.

Day 14 (ink and water) - I'd discovered on day 2 that I really miss drawing Nat, so here he is again, Put that cruciform down young man, those things aren't good for you.

Day 15 (brush inking and ink wash) - Further ill-advised adventures in ink wash, although I think I was getting the hang of it at this point. Also background!

Day 16 (gel pen) - My sister thought Violet was kneeling down in the previous picture of these two, so I drew a height comparison to show what's actually going on. Essentially they exist on two extremes for their respective species. Meruch is big even for a Vrega, and Vrega are bigger than humans anyway, while Violet is very petite even by human standards. Getting their proportions right is hard, I always start to draw Violet looking like a child.

Day 17 (brush inking and ink wash) - Do the adventures in ink wash get less ill-advised as I go along? I originally intended to cross-hatch this, but it was too late in the evening. Lottie's reflection is not always pleasant.

Day 18 (ink and water) - Well they can't all be winners I guess. This one came out much worse than I was hoping, but perhaps I'll re-use the concept later.

Day 19 (brush pen) - I was having another go at using block black and white with no shading, which honestly didn't turn out great, but I'm very pleased with the foreshortening as that's something I find very difficult. Nettle isn't happy with you.

Day 20 (ink and water) - Further adventures in scale and proportion! I think I'll caption this one "It's nice to talk to you without being able to see up your nose." Violet is ill and often tired, so it's not unusual to see Meruch carrying her around the ship. This also makes walking and talking a lot easier, since she's not having to trot to keep up with his stride. When I told my sister this part of the story she said 'I wish I had a giant alien to carry me around!' Don't we all, sisso, don't we all.

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