Friday, 13 October 2017

Inktober 2017 - Part 1

It's finally here! Inktober is my favourite art challenge of the year, here's the first 10 days!

Day 1 : brush inking - In the spirit of self-improvement I started with a brush, since I don't usually ink that way. I think it came out quite well, although in hindsight I wish I'd done the fire in coloured ink so it would stand out a bit more. I don't know if Nat needs more practice controlling it or if he wants it to run up his fingers like that.

Day 2 : G-pen - The Mirror Twins have many friends to talk to. So on this day I was out of the house from 6:45am to 10pm because I had a shift at both jobs, AND I had come down with a horrible, horrible cold, so frankly I'm extremely proud of this one just because, despite all of that, it looks okay.

Day 3 : fineliners and grey pen - This was another long day and another day full of cold, so I'm also very happy that Sweetpea looks okay in this one! I've never drawn him dolly-style before.

Day 4 : fineliners and felt tip - Franz's nosebleed is brought to you by the dire state of my nose on this day. I'd had the cold for 3 days at this point and my nose was shredded from all the tissues! I also forgot that I try not to use the same pens two days in a row, I was very tired.

Day 5 : gel pen - I think it hurts Jessie to channel lightning through her body like that, but it's the only combat magic she knows. I can't believe how well this one turned out since I was still trying to get rid of that cold and still at work!

Day 6 : fineliners and felt tip - Finally I had a day off work! It was such a relief! I realised last year I've done a version of this picture every Inktober since 2014 (in a different ink each time), so now I want to keep going and see whether I run out of ideas or ink methods first.

This year Nettle is trying to practice moving only the things she wants to move, but I don't think she'll ever be able to use her powers without some of her hair floating around. Turning the pages for Spider is by far the hardest part of this exercise.

Day 7 : mapping pen - Caspian finds it harder to hold his human shape when he feels threatened. This one was a lesson in paying attention to ALL your materials, I thought my pen nib wasn't cooperating but it turned out to be the ink, not the pen.

Day 8 : ink wash - I wanted to use masking fluid for this one but I turned out not to have any, so instead I just had to be really, really careful painting around Louise.

Later in life she will know better than to follow the forest lights, but when she first moved in with her foster parents she didn't know what they were.

Day 9 : gel pen - If you pick a magical fight with Nat under the assumption that he'll be as unprepared as his sister, you will get yourself seriously hurt. I sort of wish this one had more movement, but at the time I wanted him to look more controlled than Jessie.

Day 10 : ink and water - One of Sweetpea's Autumn jobs is to bless and plant some of the acorns from his tree, to ensure its children grow in good spots.

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