Thursday, 23 June 2016

Pocket Witches: Humblebee and Liliwen

I said to look out for more Pocket Witches, so here are some! These were designed as a gift for my little sister.

The Pocket Witches now also have a fixed backstory: Pocket Witches are magical creatures about the size of your hand, who gain their powers from positive human emotions. They spend their time trying to make humans happy, and when they're born they take on the shape of something that brings happiness to a nearby human. They choose their names themselves, so they can be named anything from 'Lucy' to 'Paint Water' depending on what takes their fancy. If you're feeling sad, maybe a Pocket Witch will visit you and try to help!

So here is Humblebee, who took the shape of a bluebell, and Liliwen who took the shape of a daffodil.

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