Sunday, 19 January 2014

2014 Monthly Challenges

This is exactly what it sounds like! For every month in 2014 I'll be setting myself a drawing challenge. My list of personal projects is very restricted this year (to prevent a repeat of last year when I took on far too many and ended up abandoning the bigger, more important ones for time reasons) but I might go a bit mad if I spend all year doing projects that need too much planning and research and don't produce any finished drawings until September. I really enjoyed doing Inktober last year, so monthly challenges seemed like a good idea.

Like Inktober, I'm planning to do a lot of drawing-per-day challenges, but I might also do something like trying to create a whole comic or picture book in a single month. We'll see! In the interests of easing into the habit and not burning myself out right at the start, January's challenge is just to do an observational drawing every day. I've already decided to do fanart next month, so I can call it 'Fanart February', because I'm very easily amused. After that, I'll decide as I go along!

I hope everyone will enjoy seeing the results! I'll be trying to post the pictures daily on tumblr, or my facebook page.

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