Monday, 2 December 2013

Sketchavember 2013 - Part 2

Day 11 - The fantasy theme was firmly in place, so naturally I drew Coriander, since I'd already done Sweetpea.

Day 12 - Still trying to pin down better designs for old characters, I drew Asmodeus and Mirin.

Day 13 - Having realised the previous day that I find drawing people leaning on other people really hard, I thought I'd better practice. Caspian isn't pleased that Felix wants to share his napping spot.

Day 14 - Already having drawn Sweetpea did not stop me drawing him again. His ear frills are falling off for Autumn, I imagine it itches.

Day 15 - I felt guilty about drawing Nat so badly before, so I tried again (although it still wasn't too successful).

Day 16 - A background! What is this madness? Also I've done something strange to Louise's face again.

Day 17 - I like this one a lot, although I'm not sure if Coda should have such big manga eyes.

Day 18 - A clue as to the plot in which Shasta appears. What's Jessie doing in his ruins? I added 'heavily shaded pencil drawings' to the list of things I shouldn't start at 10pm

Day 19 - Now we're getting somewhere. Fret looks like a silver birch tree, complete with dark lacerations on his skin. I also tried to add a background, in the interests of not being lazy, and I was very pleased with how it looked.

Day 20 - So pleased I tried again with Larkspur. Reeds don't provide the same visual balance though.

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