Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Tale of the Chocolate Shop

I forgot to post this for so long. These are pictures from a little manuscript book I made my pal Nam last year. It was based on a twitter conversation about my trip to a chocolate shop. I wanted to make it as nice as possible (since I had… er… forgotten to get her a present for her birthday AND Christmas) so I painted the pictures onto heavy card pages, hand-lettered the text in my best rounded gothic, (still not very good, hahaha) and bound it all up into a hardback book. I forgot to take a photo of the finished item though. I think the middle picture of me in the chocolate shop is one of my favourite things I drew that year!

If you’re curious, the Tale of the Chocolate Shop runs thusly:

Once upon a Time, Sarah went to the Chocolate Shop. Sarah was going to be a Good Girl, and not buy any Chocolate. But then she bought some anyway.

The book was only 3 pages long.

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