Wednesday, 2 May 2012

snow white and rose red

I got a brown paper sketchbook so I could try drawing with highlights as well as shading. I'm not sure if it's really for me, but I'll try to fill the book up anyway.

Snow White and Rose Red was one of my favourite fairy tales when I was little. They're usually depicted as a blonde with very pale skin and a black-haired girl with rosy cheeks. I'm fairly sure I imagine them as a blonde and a redhead because I have vague memories of playing a make-believe game based on the story with my little sister, who has fiery red hair. (As a child I had pale blonde hair.)

In other news, I now have a day job, hooray! I'm working as a waitress in a vintage tea room, so if you're in Bath you should come and find us up near the fashion museum, if you want to see me in a headscarf and bright red lipstick.

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