Monday, 17 October 2011

church doodles

I swear I have been doing something these past few weeks!

It's all very exciting, the Inspired crew have finished our new anthology, Science Fiction Octuple Feature, (which Sammy is taking to various comic shops and will also be available at Thought Bubble this November) and within a week of finishing my comic for that I got two very interesting commissions from people I don't know personally (and one from my Mum, which doesn't really count). The downside is that with all this group work and paid work, I've not got much that I'm at liberty to post online until later this year.

To prevent my blog being totally dormant, here are a couple of pages I doodled up during church. I wouldn't feel right doing paid work in church, so it's the only time I've been free to draw whatever I feel like.

Even if it sometimes turns out a bit weird because I forgot to bring a pencil and had to do it in gel pen.

I hope I'll be able to show you some of the paid work soon, it's very exciting for me to be getting work from strangers for the first time, instead of from friends or family members. (Or more often, friends of family members.)


  1. So much exciting stuff!! And also, hurray! Commissions! That's awesome.
    Also, your fairies looks all Brian Froud-ish <3 I like their toes.

  2. Thanks Clem, I am pretty excited by all these people finding me online and such! I think my default fairies are very Froud-influenced. I do draw other kinds, but ones with no clothes and wild hair are much easier to draw in pen. XD

  3. I don't think they wear clothes anyhow...

  4. I reckon it depends where they live. Household fairies probably make clothes out of human scraps, or borrow doll clothes. You know, just for a laugh.

    I like drawing ones who have clothes made out of leaves and flowers when I have time, but naked people are much easier.