Friday, 31 October 2014

Inktober 2014 - part 3

 A little late in posting, but here are some more Inktober pictures.

Day 13 - ink and water. Levitation practice is also nap-time.

Day 14 - brush pen. I have a Pentel brush pen that I usually use to fill in black areas or occasionally for observational sketches, so I tried using it for a whole picture. It quickly became a game of 'how much black can I put on this before it becomes an unreadable mess?'

Day 15 - mapping pen. I drew Trispin a lot, so here's Ely.

Day 16 - g-pen. If you're wondering why other people don't just stay away from Ely and Trispin when they're so obviously bad news, the answer is glamours.

Day 17 - brush pen. This one was done at LICAF! Violet is tiny compared to most Vrega. For reference, Khet (who is carrying her) is just over 6' tall.

Day 18 - fineliners and grey pens. The Derwent people gave us free fineliners at LICAF. Take three cards and Lena will tell your fortune.

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