Monday, 13 October 2014

Inktober 2014 - part 2

Day 7 - Ink and water. Trying to see if I could do good smoke effects with this technique.

Day 8 - brush pen and G-pen. The mirror twins might be ghosts or they might just be creepy. (Although they're certainly not 'mirror twins' in the medical sense.)

Day 9 - gel pen and brush pen. Violet doesn't need a ladder, she can just climb on her giant alien.

Day 10 - gel pen. I was torn between wanting to draw a background and really, really, not wanting to draw anything.

Day 11 - brush inking and ink wash. I found some white ink after I finished this one so I had a go at using it for highlights.

Day 12 - mapping pen. My cheap mapping pens remain my favourite inking tools. Don't take any food Trispin offers you.

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