Monday, 10 June 2019

Mermay 2019

If you follow me on twitter or instagram you'll know I attempted the Mermay challenge this year! The idea is to draw a mermaid every day during the month of May, not unlike Inktober but with the subject chosen for you instead of the medium. Here are all 31 of my completed mermaids!

I tried my best, but I wasn't quite able to finish these inside May. I fell behind a couple of times and had 3 mermaids left to do in June. I also spent more than one day on the last one, since it was already late.

Since the medium isn't restricted in this challenge I did a lot of experimenting with techniques I might not normally use, mostly colouring with a set of cheap novelty pencils (2, 19, 21, 24 and 27) and trying to paint with water-soluble felt tips (8, 13, 14, 23 and 25). I don't know if the felt tips are ever going to look quite the way I want them to, but I was pleasantly surprised by the kind of results I could get out of the cheap pencils with a little patience. (They don't scan very well though, there isn't enough pigment.)

I'll be printing these in a little zine now that they're all done, so please look out for that!

Friday, 12 April 2019

Festive Plants

A little out of season, here are my Christmas cards from last year! I went with simple botanical paintings, and I honestly wasn't sure how they were going to turn out as I hadn't done any botanical art in a while. In the end I was really pleased with them! The originals all went out to friends and family members as usual, but I'd like to try some different plants and flowers in this style now that I know how to do it.

The four at the bottom are my favourites from the set, I think if I had to pick one favourite it would be the Hellebore. I was so pleased with that one when I finished it!

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Sketchbook Flipthrough

A friend of mine gave me this little sketchbook for Christmas last year, and I decided on a whim to try to fill the whole thing before the end of February! Unfortunately the whim hit me on the 12th of February, so I didn't quite make it, but I did finish it in only just over a month.

I'm still feeling inspired to see what I can do with cheaper pens and normal office supplies, so a lot of these are done with biros, gel pens, mini colouring pencils and so on.

(This is the best quality my poor old phone could process, please be nice to it.)

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Ghost Stories of M.R. James

I've been working on some new horror illustrations to beef up that section of my portfolio, so here are some illustrations for 5 ghost stories by M.R. James. Surprisingly most of his ghosts are more like monsters than an archetypal 'ghost', they tend to be solid and hairy.

I also noticed the impact of some stories is reduced if you don't share his pathological fear of spiders. Personally, I've found too many spiders in my hair over the years to be frightened of cobwebs.

In order, these are Canon Alberic's Scrapbook, The Ash Tree, O Whistle and I'll Come to You My Lad, The Treasure of Abbot Thomas and The Tractate Middoth.