Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Dr Dee

All those Blur drawings reminded me that Sammy and I also went to see Dr Dee when it was on in London. For those who don’t know (and what poor souls you are) it’s an opera about the Elizabethan mathematician/astronomer/mystic John Dee, by Damon Albarn.
The music was lovely, obviously, but we were also really impressed by the costume and set design, so I did a few sketches in the interval.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Blur at Wolverhampton Civic Hall

Sorry, by that I mean that just over a week ago Sammy and I went to see Blur at Wolverhampton and it was the best thing ever.
The first set includes the… warm-up act? The Bots, anyway. It was a hard-core drawing warm-up, the singer never stood still!
Then I drew a million pictures of Blur. I really liked the sketches, so rather than tidying them up on the page like I normally would I traced or copied them onto different pages. The penultimate picture is the traced sketches, the last one is copied freehand.