Sunday, 17 April 2011

yet more postcards

 These are some more postcards I made for promotional work, since I realised I had no black and white work in my children's style that wasn't incredibly old.  I discovered, to my delight, that the sort of hatching I used for Patience is a Virtue comes out really well with this line art, so I'm very pleased with them.

Incidentally, the foxes are from a story I very vaguely remember from my childhood, about a fox whose husband dies.  Her suitors all have more and more tails, but she eventually marries one with just one tail. It had beautiful illustrations, but we got the book from the library and none of us (me, my sisters, my parents) can remember what it was called or who wrote it.  If any of you know anything about it I'll love you forever if you can help me find it.


  1. :D I love them!!! I especially like the dancing cats, and the skeleton one. Perhaps I have a hidden love for things that dance when they probably don't.. Still, fantastic! And the fox story sounds awesome, I wish I knew what it was.. Hopefully someone will...Never give up!!

  2. Cheers Clem! I was thinking of using the skeleton one as a logo or something, I could write my name and details in a circle round it. It'd make a nice bookplate too.

    In my head skeletons always dance. I saw an old Disney cartoon of dancing skeletons once when I was tiny, so I always thought that undead skeletons just dance to crackly old jazz music and don't actually bother anyone. Also ghosts sing on bridges.