Sunday, 3 April 2011


Tada!  The last picture from Alaizabel.  It's supposed to echo the picture of Marey Woolbury from the start of the set.  I think it came out better than the other one, to be honest, the hatching is a bit tidier.

Also the cover, if you're interested.  It's an oil painting, which is a medium I have a lot of experience with, but not much skill (in my opinion).  It's supposed to be a bit indistinct, but I might have taken it a bit too far.  What do you think?

Also, singing to your plants.  Is this adorable, or a sign that you're a bit of a nutter?


  1. I love the cover!! Singing to your plants is a little weird.. Pretty special.

    Congratulations on getting them all done! They look really good!! <3

  2. @ clem

    Haha, thanks! I always knew I was special :P

    I'm pretty pleased with the set myself, it's the first time I've done a project on this scale.