Sunday, 11 October 2015

Inktober 2015 - Part 1

It's that time of year again! Time to have ink all over my hands for a full month. Here are my pictures from the first 10 days of Inktober.

Day 1 - ink and water. Isaac may be an angel or he may be a ghost with delusions of grandeur.

Day 2 - gel pen. This one was done in a bit of a hurry because I forgot we had guests for dinner. No proper background for you, Nat.

Day 3 - brush inking and ink wash. Time to cheat and do a dolly-style picture already! I used it to practice brush inking so it wasn't a complete cop-out. Lena is looking fancy in a shiro-lolita outfit.

Day 4 - g-pen. I was absolutely gobsmacked that my 'frequent use only' cartridge g-pen still worked after months gathering dust in a drawer. That's not a good environment for Chiihon.

Day 5 - brush inking and ink wash. Ill-advised adventures in ink wash may be my favourite part of Inktober, even though I don't like ink wash enough to use it normally. This is where I started to settle into the rhythm of the challenge, I think. Lucas survived this incident, but the police never found the culprit.

Day 6 - mapping pen. Throwing your only friend in the air is the best and most entertaining way to practice your telekinesis, of course.

Day 7 - brush inking and ink wash. I was still thinking about Lucas after being very pleased with day 5, so I drew him again. 7 or 8  years later he's about as fully recovered as he's ever going to be.

Day 8 - ink and water. I wish I'd had time to give this one a better background, but Sweetpea is having a good time with his tree's autumn leaves anyway.

Day 9 - gel pen. Not all the fairies in Louise's house are creepy and bad.

Day 10 - ink and water. I tried specially to have a proper background this time, as I'd gone four days without one. One of the tricks Spider can do with his psychometric powers is translate books in languages he otherwise doesn't know.

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