Monday, 26 September 2011

pigeons everywhere!

For your viewing delight, some sketches of fancy pigeons!

I took my friend Nam to an agricultural show my village hosts annually, at which I magically transform from a serious academic semi-goth to a lunatic in wellies getting excited about sheep. It's genuinely one of my favourite things about the village, they have rare breeds of sheep and pigs and sometimes Dales ponies and there are strange chickens and a pigeon show! There's a produce contest where people show off enormous marrows and a man who demonstrates how to shear sheep and spin wool by hand! And a Tamworth pig with a dozen ginger piglets!

My favourite part is the fancy pigeons. I love the 'blowers' best of all, with their enormous puffy necks. They always look so proud of themselves, strutting around their cages.

Yes, I am a country bumpkin. I've disappointed you all.

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