Monday, 25 July 2011

journal pictures from spring term

I haven't had much to update this blog with in a while, but there's always more journal pictures. These are really quite old, I forgot I hadn't uploaded the last batch until I scanned the latest ones. You can find the new ones on flickr.

I should have some new pictures soon, I've just been busy doing my anthology submission for Inspired Comics. I never feel comfortable putting up too much information on it ahead of it being printed, since it's a group project and all. You can see some of the character designs and stuff over on the Inspired blog though (not just mine, Gem's are up too).

Thinking of Gem, I don't suppose any of you are in need of commissions? She needs a bit of extra money fairly urgently and is offering them at very reasonable prices, so it'd be great if some of you have the money to buy one. I can recommend her environment work, she's amazing at backgrounds and environment concepts. You can find all the information on her blog, as well as examples of her work.

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