Saturday, 22 January 2011

unused work


These were for a project where the end result would be printed in a small book the university makes.  I couldn't decide which idea I liked better, so I did a finished painting of both and asked the tutors which one they wanted.  This one fits the brief better, but my tutors preferred the other set.  They would have been printed as one image, on a double page spread.

The brief asked us to work up images using our real experiences as a starting point, so I liked this one because it really happened to me once, albeit in an English Literature class rather than a cafe.

You might recognise Jemima from an earlier post.  The boy is her friend Franz, who hates his name and is difficult to draw because I designed him in shoujo manga style when I was about 15 and I still haven't quite worked out what kind of bone structure he should have.

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